eCard Options (Card Setup)

There are a number of options for the eCard administrator to set-up eCard campaigns for yourself and your staff (eCard Senders).

To access these options - please hover over the Admin menu in ekarda.

Social Media

By checking the social media boxes you are enabling the eCard recipients the option of sharing the card on Facebook and/or Twitter. Links to the respective pages will appear below the eCard if you have selected this option.


Card Setup

As 'Administrator' you can structure the cards your senders are able to dispatch. Choose the designs, message content and any footers you may wish to include.

Step 1: Design

Browse cards by category or view "All" to see the entire range. You can preview cards first and then select which cards you want to be made available.


Step 2: Message

  • This is where you delineate the content material for your eCards. You may decide it's pertinent that all eCards sent from your business have the same message, in which case you enter the desired message and check the 'Make Message Compulsory' box.
  • Alternatively, leave this box unchecked and empower your staff to create their own messages for each card.
  • NOTE: The 'Card Message' can be set for each card type so you can have a compulsory message for 'Christmas', but let your staff write their own messages for 'Thank You' and 'Birthday' cards.


Step 3: Footer

  • If you choose to include a footer, select 'Enter Footer Message' and you have the option to enter formatted native text, hyperlinks,and source code that will appear below your eCard.
  • This is the place to insert anything that doesn't strictly meld with the body content such as: a company slogan,website, or a charity affiliation.



If you need any additional help using the ekarda system, send us an email at