Custom eCards

  • This section lists the custom cards you have ordered, if any, and the status of each order: requested; completed; completed and paid. Indicated on the far right hand side is the quoted price for each individual custom card order.
  • There is also the option to 'Cancel' or 'Edit' your order in the final column



  • You can also order a new custom card on this page by simply filling in the fields provided. Select what type of card you would like it to be e.g. Thank you, and a descriptive title e.g. 'Business Name Custom Card.' You will need to upload the files for your custom design which may include: logos, finished artwork, images, previous designs etc.
  • The final step is to provide a brief for our designers. This will allow them to align the material you've provided with your creative vision. Most beneficial, is a simple and succinct brief that includes all necessary detail, and lists the elements of the design that of greatest importance to you.


Once you are happy with all the fields, press the 'Submit Request' button - your request will now appear in the top section of the page and will be processed by our team.

If you need any additional help using the ekarda system, send us an email at