Creating a .CSV File

 In order to upload your contacts from an existing file, this file must be in .csv format.

  • A .csv file is a Comma or Tab delimited text file - you are able to easily create these using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet.
  • For the purpose of this article we will show you how easy it is using Microsoft Excel.
  • Create a Microsoft Excel file with all the details you wish to use, remember you can add up to 5 custom fields.
  • The ekarda system requires you to have Firstname, Lastname and Email as fields. These will be the first three fields.
  • NOTE: They must be spelt with no space inbetween e.g. firstname, lastname.


  • Then click on the Microsoft logo (or File - Depending on which version of excel you are using)
  • Choose Save As > Other Formats

Save as other formats.png

  • Then choose the .csv option

Save as CSV.png




  • Press Save as any other document
  • You may recieve the following warnings: Press 'OK' and 'YES'




  • The file will now be saved as a .csv and ready to upload into ekarda



If you need any additional help using the ekarda system, send us an email at